About Danny Callahan

Danny became interested in writing after a writing assignment in the 8th grade. He was assigned to write a poem about his favorite color. He chose the color brown and wrote a poem about Autumn. His English teacher Mr. Maxim asked hm to stay after class, and Danny assumed that he had received another poor grade in school and was not looking forward to hearing about how terrible his poem was. He was surprised to hear Mr. Maxim ask if he has ever written before. When Danny said no he hadn’t Mr. Maxim told him to continue writing because he saw a talent in Danny. That was 25 years ago and Danny hasn’t stopped writing since. He has written unpublished short stories, novellas, plays, and has written for college newspapers but it wasn’t until 2010 when he decided to publish a poetry book. He was always told that his poetry was different and had more of a visual lyrical feel to them so he felt that they could appeal to people who would usually not read poetry and to those who loved poetry he thought he could appeal to them as well. In other words, Danny felt that poetry could reach out to a diverse audience. His first book was entitled “Within” under the name JJ Violet which he chose to honor his mother. His new book “Born in Raindrops” can be found on Barnes & Noble and Amazon’s website.

Poetry helped Danny change his attitude towards going to school, graduating from College and his career today because he found something to be passionate about. Many of his poems reflect the hard times in life but having a passion and a love for something helps a person maneuver through this world. He enjoys writing about the underdogs, people overcoming obstacles, and proving people wrong. This is one of the reasons for him writing about social issues like modern day slavery so he can bring attention to the topic and help to get people involved in abolishing this terror. He draws inspiration from Native Americans, Buddhism, Christianity, Wildlife, Nature, Irish History, Ancient Chinese and Japanese cultures among many other people, spirits and places. Danny would love to hear from you through his e-mail address: Daniel.Callahan1916@gmail.com Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedules to sit back, have a nice cup of coffee, and indulge yourself in his words.

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23Oct 17


Please contact me if you are interested in an interview! Would love to talk to you about any new project…

23Oct 17

Two New Books

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